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Donate to Titan Trek

To Whom it May Concern:

I am writing to you as a representative of the Titan Fan Club of St. Bernard-Elmwood Place School District. Our TFC is a partnership of the PTA, Music Association, and Athletic Boosters. We work together to coordinate many different programs and activities within our district throughout the year.

We are organizing the eighth annual Titan Trek for Friday, October 6, 2017. The Titan Trek is a walk-a-thon around the St. Bernard community. It is an opportunity for students and faculty of both St. Bernard Elementary and Elmwood Place Elementary to come together as a district and show school spirit while raising money to use during different events and activities throughout the year. We also have parent and community volunteers who help make the day possible.

In the past, students have been encouraged to seek donations from family and friends in order to participate. With a high percentage of our District being on Free/Reduced Lunches, the $5 participation fee has been a struggle for many families. That being said, this year our planning committee is trying to ensure that EVERY child is able to participate without burdening our low-income families. We hope to see sponsorship from businesses and community members in St. Bernard and Elmwood Place to fully cover the $5 per student participation sponsorship amount. Students may then choose to raise funds for the Trek and TFC in order to win prizes and awards, but are not penalized if their families/friends are unable to assist due to hardship.

There are 246 students at Elmwood Place Elementary and 285 students at St. Bernard Elementary totaling 531 elementary students for the District. At $5 per student, the Titan Trek Committee needs to raise $2,655 in sponsorships in order for EVERY student to be sponsored. I am reaching out in hopes you would be willing to help sponsor students for our Titan Trek, while helping us reach our goal of every student being sponsored.

1 Student = $5
10 Students = $50 Sponsor Level (Name on the Event T-shirt)
20 Students = $100 Sponsor Level (Name on Shirt & on Basketball Roster/Announced)
50 Students = $250 Sponsor Level (Name on Shirt, Roster/Announced, & Group "Thank You" Banner)
100 Students = $500 Sponsor Level (Name on Shirt, Roster/Announced, & Individual Advert. Banner)
**Banners will be hung in SBEP HS Gym during the '17-18 Titans Basketball Season**

If you prefer to donate gift cards for prizes or good/services with a value equaling $50 or greater, we will recognize you accordingly. Please have all sponsorships submitted by September 22nd, in order to be listed on the t-shirt.

Thank you so much for your consideration and generosity. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Kate McMullan
(513) 324-3513

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